Buyback Policy


Shipping through LCD Buybacks is free when shipping 50 or more fully functional or minor damage screens within the United States via FedEx Ground. For free international shipping, 100 or more fully functional or minor damage screens must be sent to receive free shipping. If any of the LCD’s are rejected, then we will either send them back to you (per customer request by selecting the checkbox on the order form) and take the return shipping cost from your payout, or, recycle them at no additional cost.

How to package your LCD’s:

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To ensure that your LCD’s arrive safely to our warehouse follow these guidelines to ensure safe delivery:

  1. Do not bend the flex cable.
  2. If sending multiple screens make sure they are facing back to back and the flex cables are facing the same direction.
  3. It is important to make sure the screens do not move inside of your package. Secure and protect them using bubble wrap. If you do not have bubble wrap, use a rubber band to secure the multiple screens together.
  4. Your package needs to be packed tightly and assure that there is no room for the screens to move around. Please note: we are not responsible for improperly secured packages.


All orders must be shipped out to our facility within five business days of placing your order to ensure that your rate stays at the submitted price. All orders that are shipped after five business days will be at the new rate. LCD Buybacks reserves the right to change pricing based on market fluctuations at any given time without notice.

Turnaround Times:

It takes 1-3 business days to test all screens after they have been received in our warehouse. After testing them it takes 24-48 business hours for the payment to process.

Getting Paid:

All payouts under $10,000 will be submitted through PayPal. All payouts over $10,000 will be submitted by a wire transfer. If you do not have a PayPal account, You can sign up for a PayPal account free of charge here.

LCD Buybacks has the rights to change any of the policies at any given time without notice.