Testing Procedure

After your order has been adjusted, all screens are first inspected for damaged or missing flex cables. The screens with flex cable damage are immediately rejected. The screens are then tested for a fully functional LCD by displaying full color Red, Green, Blue, Black, White, and Gray displays. We then test for a fully functional digitizer by dragging home screen icons across the entire area of the screen to test for dead spots. We do accept LCDs with minor backlight damage, see below for details.

LCD’s with Minor Damage

We will accept screens with minor damage including light leakage, dead pixels, liquid damage, or shadows (see below for examples). We will NOT accept LCD’s with major damage, such as missing or damaged flex cables, the LCD will not power on, the LCD flickers, the digitizer does not respond to touch, there is a red/pink halo, blue or black or red stains, yellow haze, bleeding, distortion, or cracked beyond repair. However, we will recycle screens with major damage at no additional charge. Click here for current prices we pay for LCDs with minor damage.

Light Leakage
Light leaking from around the LCD

Dead Pixels
White pixel or spot on LCD

Liquid Damage
LCD exposed to liquid or moisture

Shadow appears on LCD when touched 

Pink Halo
LCD is pink in color